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If you or someone you know is experiencing a family crisis, call us.   519 434 6848

Merrymount works on a daily
basis on behalf of families and children who are in crisis and/or experiencing times of transition.

About Merrymount Children’s Centre

The work we do is guided by our vision, mission and values.


Merrymount will be a recognized and respected leader in the field of crisis support and transition services for children and families.


Merrymount is a caring organization committed to providing around the clock support and crisis care for children and families. We deliver responsive and innovative services and programs to strengthen children and their families in times of transition.


  • Compassion
  • Keeping children and families together
  • Safe environment
  • Unique, customized solutions
  • Consultative
  • Proactive partnerships
  • Professional


  • Has round-the-clock programs that provide safe overnight care
  • Has education and prevention programs for adults and children
  • Helps keep families together
  • Is an accredited children’s mental health centre
  • Is a partner in the City of London’s Social Services Network and London’s Child and Youth Network
  • Focuses on prevention and early intervention
  • Is often the first place a family in crisis is referred

Statement of Philosophy

The Child and Family

  • We believe that each child and family is unique and special.
  • We believe in the well-being and self-respect of the child and the family.
  • We believe that the strengthening of the family is important for society.
  • We appreciate that all families require additional supports during times of stress, crisis or transition.

Service Principles

  • We are prevention-oriented and committed to an education approach.
  • We are committed to prompt, responsive and sensitive support for families experiencing stress.
  • We are committed to the provision of flexible, affordable programs in a nurturing environment.
  • We provide integrated and coordinated services in response to inter-related needs.
  • We are committed to an active partnership with our clients.
  • We are committed to co-operation with other service providers.
  • We are committed to advocacy for our clients.
  • We respect the cultural, religious and regional differences of our clients.
  • We protect the confidentiality of our clients.

Merrymount Complaint Procedure Form

Merrymount is committed to providing families with respectful and quality service; however, a situation may occur where a person(s) may feel the need to express concerns.  Should this happen please see the attached to help resolve conflicts or difficult situations.

Merrymount Privacy Policy

Privacy Officer: Paul Howarth
519-434-6848  ext.224

Merrymount Accessibility Policy and Plan

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