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If you or someone you know is experiencing a family crisis, call us.   519 434 6848

Please be advised, that an incident has occurred and we believe that some personal information of Merrymount’s clients might be impacted.  Merrymount has put in place a process to protect and mitigate access to this information by notifying service providers, our data system provider and reporting the incident to the London Police.  We sincerely apologize that this has occurred.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

For Supervised Access, please call:

London/Middlesex 519 858 9905
St.Thomas/Elgin 519 637 1667
Woodstock/Oxford 519 533 1379
For Ontario Early Years Centre, London Fanshawe, call 519 455 2791

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Our focus is to help children by supporting their families in times of crisis and transition.

8,000 families served each year

30 education and prevention programs for adults and children

24 hours of continuous, overnight, short-term care for children

18 beds that are full each night with children who cannot be with their families because of crisis

825 intakes completed each year for our 24-hour programs

$46,000,000 Merrymount is a smart, economic investment. $1 spent on preventative programming (like the work Merrymount is doing) is worth $7 of more intrusive and expensive costs. The multiplier effect on Merrymount’s $6.6 million operating budget represents $46 million to London’s community.