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All Kids Belong

All Kids Belong promotes the inclusion of all children with special needs into licensed child care settings. All Kids Belong provides support to community child care programs and Before/After School Programs by enhancing their knowledge and skills in working with families and children with special needs.

The All Kids Belong program is one of the programs at Merrymount that supports and empowers families. The program’s goal is to work with Early Years professionals in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for children with special needs in licensed, community child care programs and accredited recreation programs. All Kids Belong works with children from birth through 12 years of age who require extra support to help them participate in community child care settings in London, Middlesex County and Elgin, as well as children 6 years to 18 years of age in accredited recreation programs. All Kids Belong provides support to these programs by increasing their knowledge, skills and capacity to create unique family service plans for each child with special needs.


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Services we provide

Resource Consultants provide case management for families using an integrated service model. They enhance and support skills development, overall program capacity and strengthen the relationship between the family and the program, while promoting inclusivity, communication and family centered practice. They provide referrals to other community supports and share community information. They deliver training, facilitate transitions, support developmental screening, and support the overall integrated system of services.

Enhancement Facilitators provide service when a child and/or the program require intensive support, training and modelling of inclusive practices to facilitate full participation. These supports are organized in collaboration with the Resource Consultant. The Enhancement Facilitator may also assist families with identifying community services and complement the support plan established by the Resource Consultant.

Program Assistant funding is provided to child care programs and accredited recreation programs for the operator to hire additional staff to work in the program. This funding is made available to support inclusion, while implementing a plan of support for the program. These additional staff work in conjunction with regular program staff and the Resource Consultant to meet the needs of children with special needs.

Referral to program

A family or service provider can make a referral to the program by calling us or sending an email. The assigned Resource Consultant for the program will discuss with you the reason for referral and explore the support options available.

This program is offered in London/ Middlesex and St.Thomas/Elgin County

P. 519-434-8247
F. 519-434-6851

P. 519-631-2321
F. 519-637-2230