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If you or someone you know is experiencing a family crisis, call us.   519 434 6848

The ultimate goal of
Merrymount is to provide
supports and services so that families can stay together.

Our Programs

Every family has its own strengths, even at the most difficult times.
We can help you build on those strengths, provide resources, counselling, emergency child care and support the navigation of difficult life circumstances. Our trained staff is here to help you, guide you and support your decisions.

Merrymount has a menu of 8 different programs. The needs of each family are assessed and the programs work together to make sure families and children are supported.

Family and Child Support Program

Provides up to 23 hours of care a day to children who are in need of transition care.

Crisis Residential/Respite Program

Provides 24 hour a day care to children over a temporary period of family instability.

Parenting Groups

Provide education, support and the development of skills in personal well-being and parenting.

Children’s Groups

Promote skill development and coping strategies for issues children may encounter (like separation/divorce, family addictions, self-esteem and social issues).

Supervised Access

Assists families going through separation and divorce who are having difficulties over custody and access arrangements.

All Kids Belong

Promotes the inclusion of all children with special needs into licensed child care settings.


Helps parents and caregivers enhance their parenting skills and improve their understanding of children’s developmental needs.

Community Outreach Program

Provides programming, public speaking and training sessions for community groups, local schools and neighbourhood groups.