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Building Stronger Relationships


Parenting & Children’s Programs

Programs designed to develop parent-child relationships and build supportive skill development, coping strategies and social skills for children.

Funding costs per year | $750,000


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Merrymount’s programs are based on the understanding that the best way to support children is to support parents and families, especially in times of crisis and transition. We work to help keep families together and build their capacity.

We offer more than 20 adult programs and 10 programs for children. The group programs help educate, inform and build personal and parenting skills, many of which are interactive, giving parents and children the opportunity to learn, practice and feel confident. Several of our parenting programs offer concurrent children’s programs that allow parents to hear the same messages as their children.

We help educate, inform and build life and parenting skills so that our families, parents and children can be the best they can be. Art and play therapy techniques are embedded in the children’s programs and led by art and play therapists.


Parenting School-Aged Children

Parents learn to develop effective communication and discipline strategies.

Mom’s House, Dad’s House

Helping children deal with parental separation, divorce or remarriage.

H.U.G.S. (Help Us Grow Strong)

A group for children with family members who are or have been substance-involved.

On Your Own

Parenting after separation and divorce, a program that helps parents support their children to adjust to changes in the family.

When Your Child has ADHD

Helps parents understand ADHD and develop coping strategies.


A group that helps children build their self-esteem.


A typical ten-week group costs about $1,200 or $6,000 for those groups that are offered five times a year.

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