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Award Recipients

Community Champion Award

Awarded to a community member for their outstanding contribution to Merrymount

2020 recipient: Tony Marsman

For Tony Marsman, moving to Canada from his native Holland meant more than just a change in scenery, but an opportunity to see what he was really made of. It didn’t take long for Tony to begin his journey as an entrepreneur and respected community member in the London area.

Tony is the founder, and owner of Rembrandt Homes, as well as a valued and long-time donor and supporter of Merrymount. Tony has also been an advocate and support for other local charities, such as, Bethany’s Hope Foundation, Parkinson’s Society and Salvation Army. Rembrandt Homes is a sponsor of Merrymount’s special events including the Be Merry Gala (formerly Comedy Night) and the CTV Awareness Project in 2018. Rembrandt Homes also supports community events where Merrymount is the local beneficiary, including Hockey Helps the Homeless and London St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® Gala. 

Through Rembrandt Homes, Tony has generously donated furnishings to brighten up Merrymount’s group program rooms and bedrooms—places families rely on to provide them with safety and support. These exceptional contributions have helped many families and children over the years, and we are tremendously grateful for all he does for the Centre.

“The support of donors like Tony Marsman is what allows Merrymount to go above and beyond the limitations of government funding for children’s mental health and family support in London,” said Paul Howarth, Executive Director, Merrymount. “The need for Merrymount’s services in London far outpaces the government support we receive and whenever we need extra support, we can always count on Rembrandt Homes to step up and support our community. Tony truly understands when we say our community is strongest when it’s families are their strongest, and he unfailingly helps us with our mission to support every child in London who needs our services”.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions over the years, Tony. 

Past Award Recipients:

2015: Marth Ludlow & Jamie Pszeniczny
2016: The VanWierens
2017: Elizabeth Mitchell
2018: Kate Mullins & her dog Jake
2019: Micheal J. Schlater

Ailene Wittstein Legacy Award

Awarded to a Merrymount volunteer for their outstanding contribution to Merrymount

2020 recipient: Gerry Marcus

For close to a decade, Gerry Marcus has been involved with Merrymount as a dedicated donor, advocate and volunteer. He served as a director on Merrymount’s Centre Board and as Chair of the Finance Committee (2011/12 to 2016/17). He also served on the Merrymount Foundation Board (2011/12 to the present), and the last two years as President.  

Gerry continues to be a tireless supporter of Merrymount in the community and a tremendously successful fundraiser for the on-going work of the organization. In particular, over the last six years Merrymount has been a beneficiary of the London iteration of Hockey Helps the Homeless, one day of hockey that raises money for three local charities. From 2014 to 2019, Gerry’s team was the leading fundraiser and in total his teams single-handedly raised a staggering $158,470.  

In addition, Gerry supports Merrymount’s annual Be Merry Gala, Boston Pizza Golf Tournaments, and he was Chair of the Centre’s Fund Development Committee. From being a key player over many years as a volunteer board member to advocating for, supporting financially and promoting Merrymount in the community, we thank Gerry for his remarkable contribution over the years. 

Past Award Recipients:

2019: Marjie Macoun