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If you or someone you know is experiencing a family crisis, call us.   519 434 6848

Parenting Groups

The Family Resource Program offers a variety of psycho-educational and support-based programs for parents and children throughout our community. Finding balance in the family where both the needs of the parents and the needs of the children are met is crucial in building healthy family interactions. Programs will build on family’s strengths and respect the parent’s and child’s needs and preferences.

Parenting programs support the development of parenting competencies and strengthen families to produce positive outcomes for children.

Parenting groups are designed to educate, provide support and develop skills in personal wellbeing and parenting.  Programs help parents understand their child’s development, temperament and behaviour to build a stronger parent/child relationship.

To register for any group programs please contact the Parenting & Children’s group intake at Merrymount.  519-434-6848 ext.271

 Programs for parents of children ages 0 – 12

“Parent Talk”

Single session parent coaching; for parents or caregivers dealing with a parenting challenge. By appointment, meet one on one with a parent educator in a single session, to discuss a specific parenting challenge and develop a co-constructed plan to address the issue.
For an appointment contact Wendy at Ext. 274.

Building Families

An intensive psycho-educational program, designed for parents who are facing multiple stressors or are involved with the Children’s Aid Society.  By developing effective life skills and a parenting style that is sensitive, parents will gain knowledge and strategies to reduce factors that put their children at risk and improve outcomes for themselves and their children.

Mutual Aid Parenting Program (MAPP)

Providing support for parents of children of all ages.  MAPP is a self help group where people with a shared concern, worry or experience come together.  MAPP parents get help, give help and learn to help each other and themselves.  This group is offered in various locations in the community.
Contact Yasika, Laura or Deb at Ext. 282

On Your Own

Addresses the effect of separation and divorce on children and examines strategies for a healthy adjustment to changes in the family.  The children’s program, Mom’s House, Dad’s House for children ages 6 – 12, runs concurrent to the parent’s program.

 On Your Own Only

An educational workshop intended for non-custodial parents and parents of children under the age of 6.  This workshop will assist parents in understanding the effects of separation and divorce on their children.  Topics include communication, transitions, how separation and divorce may manifest at their children;s developmental stages and the effects of grief and loss on children and parents.

Therapeutic Parenting

In a safe, respectful setting, brief supportive counseling will identify strengths, explore strategies and set goals to assist parents in their life situation.
Contact Katherine at Ext. 249

Programs for parents of Preschoolers

Right from the Start…Plus

This program for parents of infants will provide information on feeding and nutrition, infant development, sleep and crying, child safety and infant health.  Video clips directed discussions and homework from the Right from the Start program will enhance parent’s skills in observing, interpreting and responding to baby’s cues to promote attachment security.

Parenting Preschoolers

Provides parents with strategies to meet the needs of their young child up to the age of 5, and create a home environment that supports a strong parent child relationship and healthy child development.

Transitioning Together

This 8 week parenting group is suitable for parents with children 2 – 6 years of age, who are preparing for the transition to full day learning in school or day care or are already enrolled. The program will focus on how to strengthen relationships between parents, children and school personnel so that the child feels supported in full day learning. Parents will also have the opportunity to discuss their parenting challenges and successes in this exciting new program.

Secure Connections Programs Ages 0 – 3

Secure Connections: Infant group

This interactive playgroup, with an attachment focus, is for parents and infants up to 15 months. Group discussions and playtime with baby will support parent and infant developing a mutually satisfying relationship. Parents will have the opportunity to share information and problem solve challenges.

Secure Connections: Toddler Group

This interactive playgroup, with an attachment focus, is for parents and toddlers ages 15 – 30 months. The program will provide group discussions and playtime for parent to act as “Safe Haven” and “ Secure Base.” Parents will learn positive strategies in helping their toddler cope with their big emotions.

Circle of Security ©

A relationship based parenting program designed for parents to enhance the attachment security between parents and children.  Video clips and group discussions will help parents understand appropriate interactions between caregiver and child.

Programs for Parents of School Aged Children ( Ages 6 – 12)

Parenting School Aged Children

Discussions focus on establishing effective communication, developing constructive discipline strategies and building children’s self esteem, to support your child at home and school.

Group Triple P ©

A targeted behaviour intervention program that explores what is positive parenting, causes of child behaviour problems, promoting children’s development and managing misbehaviour. A behaviour management tool to use at home, will assist parents in diminishing unwanted behaviours.

When Your Child has ADHD

Designed to increase parent’s understanding of ADHD and consider strategies to help their child cope at home and school. A children’s social skills program runs alongside the parent’s program.

Drop-in  and Support Programs

Community Action Program for Children (CAPC)

A community-based children’s program that promotes the healthy development of young children (0-6 years). CAPC sites partner with many other organizations in order to provide locations where families can connect with their local community and obtain information, referrals, and access to public health and social services.
Contact Deb at Ext. 246


Community Partnerships

The Community Group Program

Programs for children aged 5 – 16 who have experienced abuse in their family, exploring feelings awareness, establishing safe boundaries, and sharing worries through art, games and activities.
To register contact Women’s Community House at 519-642-3003 Ext. 3307
E-mail or register  online