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Children’s Groups

The Family Resource Program offers a variety of psycho-educational and support-based programs for parents and children throughout our community. Finding balance in the family where both the needs of the parents and the needs of the children are met is crucial in building healthy family interactions. Programs will build on family’s strengths and respect the parent’s and child’s needs and preferences.

Children’s Groups promote skill development and coping strategies for circumstances children may encounter, offering them an opportunity to work through issues such as separation/divorce, family addictions, self-esteem and social skills.

For Registration please contact the Parenting & Children’s group intake at Merrymount 519-434-6848 ext.271


Family Resource Art & Play Therapy Based Children’s Programs

H.U.G.S. (Help Us Grow Strong)
Children 4 – 7 years old, who have parents with addiction issues have the chance to talk about what is happening in their family.  They learn that addiction is not their fault and allow them to focus on being a kid.

P.E.I.C. (Prevention and Early Intervention for Children)
Children 8 – 12 years old, who have parents or other family members with addiction issues explore coping strategies, problem solving skills and feelings.  Children develop an understanding of addiction and how it effects themselves and their family.

Children 6 – 12 years old are provided the opportunity to build on their self-esteem and enhance their ability to view themselves as a hero.  In this group your child will learn that everyone has a hero within and we can do things everyday that makes us heroes.

Mom’s House, Dad’s House
Children 6 – 12 years old are provided with opportunities to discuss the changes that are happening to their family due to separation, divorce or remarriage.

Kids Just Being Kids
Provides children ages 6 – 12 that are struggling with social skills, the opportunity to build and enhance their daily social interactions with their peers.

Building Resilience
This group is for children ages 9 – 12, who struggle in new or difficult situations and at times prevents them from taking part in activities at home or at school.  Through the use of mindfulness and growth mindset activities we will give these children the tools they need to help build their confidence and resilience.

The following children’s programs also run concurrent with a parenting program.

Mom’s House, Dad’s House
Children 6 – 12 years old are provided with opportunities to discuss the changes that are happening to their family due to separation, divorce or remarriage.  Runs concurrent to Parent group, On Your Own.

Social Skills Group for children with ADHD
A group designed for children ages 6 – 12 to develop strategies on how to manage the impulses from their ADHD. Runs concurrent to Parent Group, When Your Child has ADHD.

Mothers and Children Living Peaceful Lives
(Formerly, the Community Group Program for Children Exposed to Woman Abuse)
Programs for children aged 5 – 16 who have experienced abuse in their family, exploring feelings, awareness, establishing safe boundaries, and sharing worries through art, games and activities.
To register contact Anova at 519-642-3003 Ext.2225
Email – or register online

This concurrent parent and child (4 – 8 years) program supports parents by offering a new approach to parenting in stressful situations and helps children build skills to manage their emotions and behaviours.  Through exploring how both our brains and children’s brains work we can look at how we can pay better attention to feelings and behaviours through mindfulness and respond with kindness and gratitude to help reduce the stress in our lives.